Registration Forms:

Rules of Karaoke Party on Sundays at Admiral Restaurant:

Admiral Restaurant invites everyone to the Karaoke Party every Sunday. The Karaoke Party takes place at Admiral Restaurant every Sunday from 16.07.2023 The event is organized by Admiral Restaurant.


1. To participate in the Karaoke Party, you need to fill out and submit an online application, which includes your contact information and a link to a video clip that shows your vocal level. The online application form is available on the Admiral Restaurant's website. Any incomplete forms will be considered invalid.

2. The participants will be selected based on the videos provided, by a representative of the event organizer. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in the event without giving any reason.

2.1 The Karaoke Party participants agree that their names, surnames, and photos may be used by the organizers in advertising or marketing events related to the event without paying any compensation, without any time or territorial restrictions.

2.2 All persons aged 18 and over may participate in the Karaoke Party.

3. The organizer invites you to the Karaoke Party after reviewing your video, which will take place every Sunday at Admiral Restaurant from 16.07.2023

3.1 The participants perform at the Karaoke Party in the order determined by the organizer, choosing songs from the catalogue available in the Karaoke Evolution.

4. By submitting an online application to participate in the Karaoke Party, the participant fully agrees to these rules of the event.

5. The organizer reserves the right to change the conditions of the Karaoke Party without prior notice and disqualify any candidates who do not meet the restaurant's requirements.

6. The organizer will process all personal data in accordance with GDPR rules.

7. On the days of the Karaoke Party, if the participant comes alone, they reserve one seat at the restaurant. If they come with a support group, they reserve a table according to the number of friends and available seats. The restaurant's menu is available for ordering from one guest and is designed for a large company.