Terms & Conditions


When you make an online booking at the Restaurant of your choice you are entering into a direct contract with that Restaurant.

Are large groups required to pay a deposit in advance?

For group bookings (15 or more), you will be required to secure your reservation with a deposit in advance (cash only). Money can be returned to you on the day of reservation. However, please be aware that if you fail to cancel your booking or to inform the restaurant of the reduced number in attendees 24 hours prior to the reservation, we reserve the right to charge you.

Are online or telephone reservations limited?

Admiral accepts a limited number of reservations because we welcome walk-ins at any time.

Can customers visit our restaurants without making a reservation?

We can be extremely busy, especially at weekends and during bank holidays, but we do our best to accommodate our customers on a first come, first served basis. Sadly, some customers may be disappointed by the wait and we apologies for that but cannot guarantee a table at busy times. We therefore ask large groups, or those attending for a special occasion, to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Are you getting a ‘no availability’ message?

Please give the restaurant a call as they may still have space available.

Can you make a reservation by telephone?

Yes of course you can. By the phone we do reservations for today only, for the others days you can do it on our website. However, our telephone line is busy and we cannot guarantee that you are able to get through immediately. Alternatively, please attend the restaurant in person.

Can I make a same-day online reservation?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept online bookings requested less than 24 hours before the reservation time.

When is my reservation confirmed?

When you use the online System to place a booking at the Restaurant, you are making an offer to the individual Restaurant to accept your booking. Your booking is not complete and legally binding with the Restaurant until such time as you have received a confirmatory email or booking confirmation receipt from the restaurant accepting your booking details. You must make sure that all the information you provide to us is true and accurate. Booking a table at the Restaurant means you have to pay the Restaurant, at the end of your meal. We may contact you about the booking, so please ensure your email and phone number are up to date.

Do I have to provide confirmation of my reservation?

On arrival at the restaurant, please show to the staff your email booking confirmation or evidence of email confirmation on your smart phone or laptop, and your deposit receipt (where applicable).

How long is my table reserved for?

Your booking confirmation will secure your table reservation for up to 15 minutes from the reservation time. Thereafter, your reservation will be treated as null and void. We will, however, use our best endeavours to provide you with an alternative table as soon as we can. If some of your guests are running more than 15 minutes late, then please inform the restaurant immediately so that alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate you as soon as your guests arrive.

Can I bring my own food or drinks to the restaurant?

No food or beverages (alcohol or non-alcohol) except those supplied by Admiral Restaurant may be consumed within the premises. It is forbidden to bring and drink your own alcohol in the Admiral Restaurant, except for wines with cork charge payment. If you are having a party at Admiral and would like to bring your own cake please inform the staff at the time of booking, so the manager can be informed and confirm this is acceptable if you bring the Quality Certificate on the booking day. Unfortunately, we cannot allow silly string, party poppers or any type of confetti in the restaurant if is not a Closed Party.

Can some of my guests drink only?

No, all guests must order food. We cannot cater for drinks only because we do not have a separate bar area for non-paying guests to sit whilst other guests are eating.

Can I make a change to the number of guests attending?

If your numbers are increasing or decreasing, please give us at least 24 hours-notice so that we can try to accommodate any changes. Please note that any substantial increase in guest numbers is subject to availability. Because your contract is directly with the Restaurant any queries or concerns that you may have in connection with your restaurant table booking should be addressed directly to the Restaurant via the details set out in the confirmatory email.


Can I cancel my reservation?

If you wish to cancel your booking, please call the restaurant and cancel the booking over the phone. Please be aware that if you fail to give us 24 hours-notice prior to the reservation for groups of 20 or more, we reserve the right to charge you in amount of your deposit. Alternatively, respond to your confirmation e-mail with a cancel request.

Can the restaurant cancel your reservation?

We reserve the right to cancel a booking, but this of course will be without any liability to you. We have, at any time for any reason without prior notification to you, the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to any or all of the System if we believe that you are misusing the System or if you are in breach of these User Terms.

Can the restaurant refuse to serve me or not let me in?

The restaurant reserves the right to refuse service to guests for one reason or another. Also the restaurant reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to guests if the client already shows inappropriate behavior or is already drunk. The restaurant reserves the right to kick guests out if the guest yells or uses obscene language and causes inconvenience to other guests.


How long is my reservation?

We operate a maximum 2 hours 20 minutes seating policy. During our busy sessions (generally Friday, Saturday, Bank Holidays and special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s day) this may be reduced to 2 hours or less at the restaurant manager’s discretion. Our staff will politely let you know when your time is up.

When does my reservation begin?

Time begins from the agreed reservation time and is regardless of the time of arrival. Please therefore ensure that you arrive in plenty of time. If you are a large group, we suggest that all guests arrive at least 5 minutes before your reservation time. Failure to attend the Restaurant at the reserved time will result in your deposit being treated as a “no-show” fee by the Restaurant. When the Restaurant is busy, management reserve the right to seat you once the majority of your guests have arrived to minimise the risk of your party not being able to finish your meal within the allotted time. The Manager cannot extend the time allocation during busy periods.

When does cooking cease?

Live Cooking ceases 1 hour 30 minutes prior to closing time. And the food on the banquet will cease to be replenished after this time. However, the Manager will try to accommodate any reasonable request made by a late-comer 1 hour 30 minutes prior to closing, if staff are available.


What is the age limit for children?

Children over 12 years old will order a regular menu dishes. There is an age guide in the restaurant. The Kids Menu works for kids only, adults can’t order from this menu even if they are not so hungry! The Manager’s decision will be final. Please do include any children in your total covers when you book online or over the phone, and let us know if your booking requires baby chairs or baby stroller space (so we can try to arrange a suitable table).

How long are children allowed to be in restaurant?

Children under 15 can only be on the premises between the hours of 10:30 am and 9:00 pm (10:00 pm from May to September). Children aged 15 and over, who are accompanied by their parent or guardian, can stay on the premises after 9:00 (10:00 pm from May to September) if they are attending a private function where a substantial meal is being served.


I have an allergy, what should I do?

Our restaurant have allergen information clearly displayed next to the dishes. For any other information about ingredients and allergens, please ask our staff to avoid any situations.

I am a vegan / vegetarian, do you offer dishes suitable for me?

If you’re vegan or vegetarian we offer a small range of vegetarian dishes. Admiral are not vegetarian restaurants and do not imply in any literature that we are.

Do you serve Halal meat?

We are not a halal restaurant and we do not hold a halal certification.


What happens if I lose or have my property stolen in your restaurants?

Admiral cannot accept any responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen on these premises. If we found something lost in our restaurant, our staff inform the manager and you can call in case we found your lost item to return it to you.

Do you have cloakrooms in your restaurants?

We have a space with hangers for your outwear but the staff cannot look after your valuables for you. We therefore ask our customers not to leave their valuables items in their pockets while they are stay and eat at their tables.

What happens if any of my property is damaged?

Customers are reminded not to leave their mobile phones and other electronic devices unattended since Admiral do not accept any liability for any damage as a result of spillages on electronic equipment or valuables.

What happens to lost property?

We do our best to try to return items left on our premises to the rightful owner within 7 days. We cannot guarantee to keep items for longer than this.

This rules are made for our restaurant and can’t be discussed or changed by customers.